Weekly Events

Queen of Hearts Drawing

Ticket prices: 1 for $1.00, 7 for $5.00 and 15 for $10.00 Tickets will be sold all week long in the lounge. Name & phone # will need to be written legibly on the tickets sold throughout the week.  These tickets will be kept in lock-box. Each Wednesday night we will sell tickets up to 8PM.  One ticket will be drawn and the winner will pull a card from the deck.  If the Queen of Hearts is picked, they win the jackpot. Queen of Diamonds will pay $250.00 Queen of Clubs or Spades will pay $125.00 The jackpot will start at $500.00 .  20% of weekly sales (as required by State charitable gaming law) will go to Council Charities.  Other 80% of weekly sales will go into the jackpot.  Once the total sales reaches $500, the pot will grow.  It will grow based on the 80% of sales, added after each weeks drawing.  By law, the total jackpot cannot exceed $4,000.00.  For the first 13 weeks ONLY (first 1/2 of the deck), a 2nd drawing will occur if a Queen was not drawn.  Once the deck gets down to 26 cards, ONLY ONE CARD will be pulled per week.  Cards that have been pulled from the deck will be displayed in the lounge.  You MUST BE PRESENT to win 100% of the jackpot! If the winning ticket was purchased by someone who is not present, the bartender will draw a card for them.  If the QOH is picked, they would win ½ of the jackpot.  Likewise, they’d win ½ the prize amount if a Q of Diamonds, Clubs or Spades is drawn. After the drawing, all tickets will be destroyed.  We will start over for the next week with new tickets.



As part of its fund raising efforts the Knights of Columbus began holding a weekly poker game in Early 2011.  The game has grown and now consistently has between 25 and 50 players a night playing on multiple tables in the tradition of a casino poker hall.
The proceeds of the game are used to pursue counsel charitable endeavors.

TIME: Table play begins every Monday and Wednesday at Noon, with a tournament beginning at 6:45p.m.
Tournament Play: Tournament buy in is $120.00 for the winner take all tournament, which includes dinner.
Buffet and Lounge dinner menu available.

Questions: Dave Short – Northsidekofcpoker@gmail.com 317-253-3471


The Northside K of C has hosted its weekly bingo game on Thursday Night since May 1992.  The purpose of the game is to raise money to support various charities within the community as determined by the council.

  • Doors Open:  4:00p.m.
  • Early Birds:  6:30p.m.
  • Regulars:  7:00p.m.
  • Packs Only $10.00
  • Pull tabs
  • Bartender on Duty
  • Bingo Menu Available
  • Join Our Bingo Club for special prizes and prices.

Bingo Rules                Bingo Prizes